Wedding Party

Vishnu Lingadi - Best Man/Usher
Cousin and roommate to Arvind, he knew instantly he wanted him as his best man. Arvind has always felt Vishnu to be more of a brother than cousin. The day that Vishnu arrived to America, they had and instant connection. They have always been there for each other, especially in times of need.

Gautam Jayaraj - Groomsman
Cousin to Arvind, Arvind met Guatam 2 years ago. After arriving from India, Arvind and Guatam became great friends immediately. They have the same strange, weird sense of humor and always enjoy making fun of each other on a constant basis.

Chris Bivens - Groomsman
Arvind and Chris have known each other for 8 years. On any given day you will find them discussing the latest sports talk, rooting for their beloved Chicago White Sox or Chicago Bears. Chris has always been a very dependable friend, and is always there within a heartbeat in times of need.

Tim Blackwell - Groomsman/Usher
Brother to Jessica, Arvind decided quickly that he wanted to involve Tim in the events of the wedding day. They have always shared a passion for baseball and enjoy catching a few games together every year.

Tom Kucala - Groomsman
Arvind and Tom met 10 years ago at college. Tom has always been the one friend telling me right from wrong. Also, Tom and Arvind are huge heavy metal music fans, and attend many crazy concerts together frequently.

Jennifer Wisz - Maid of Honor
Jessica met Jenny about 10 years ago while working at a restaurant together. Whenever they get together there’s always something to talk about; whether it’s the latest celebrity gossip, the newest reality show or recently their 2010 weddings they are planning. No matter what is happening in life they seem to always be going through the same things at the same time. I’m so grateful to have Jenny as a best friend and Maid of Honor.

Katie Thrun - Bridesmaid
Katie came into Jessicas life during gym class sophomore year in high school, 13 years ago. Katie instantly had Jessica laughing with her comedic personality and has kept her laughing in all situations ever since. She quickly became close with Jessica’s family and she soon looked to her as the sister she never had. They’ve grown up and learned lifes lessons together and continue to have a bond like no other friendship. Jessica couldn’t picture her wedding day without having her dearest friend by her side.

Stacy Timm - Bridesmaid
Stacy and Jessica met 5 years ago while working in a hair salon together and quickly became good friends. One night Stacy and Jessica ran into each other while out with friends, this same night happened to be the night Jessica and Arvind first met. Arvind and Stacy instantly hit it off as well and she’s been a part of their lives ever since. Stacy always rooted for the bride and groom to be a couple in the beginning of their friendship and was extremely elated when she heard they had gotten engaged. Arvind and Jessica both strongly feel their wedding day just wouldn’t be the same without Stacy being a part of it.

Kristen Kaehler - Bridesmaid
Jessica and Kristen have been in each other’s lives for 24 years through family friends. The two started working together in early 2001 and they soon realized how much they had in common and became the best of friends right away. Their favorite past time is relating life to whichever song best describes it at the time. You will always hear more laughter coming from the two than actual conversation. Jessica feels so blessed to have Kristen at her side on her wedding day.

Swapna Viswanathan - Usher
As a sister to Arvind, Jessica instantly felt she wanted Swapna to be involved in their big day. As the relationship between Arvind and Jessica grew closer over the past few years, so did the bond between Jessica and Swapna. Jessica has always felt like Swapna was like a little sister to her and feels so blessed to be welcomed into her family with open arms.

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